Alicia Silverstone



I loved her in Clueless, she was so thin and stylish and funny there! Not superskinny, but whatever.




Too bad she got fatter:

And I just realised that she wrote a book about diets:

And she's a vegetarian:
She is actually a vegan ;)



In her book she talks about how being vegan has made her so much healthier and look younger and thinner, but to be honest I don't really see it.
i guess she does not have the same skinny standards as we have here ;-) you may eat healthier as a vegan, and i believe she does (most of the time), but you can still eat too much of that healthy vegan stuff or at least: too much to be skinny. i guess for her standards she is "thin" enough ;-)
and btw: i love the kind diet book, it's inspiring and if you use it right (eg if you don't eat to much ;-)), it can help immensely on the journey to beeing skinny and healthy!
What the heck, in Clueless she looks SO much thinner than in those photo's from the same movie.
I do love her though, she made a great Cher.
I think she was pretty slim.
Not thin by our standards, but pretty slim.
And she could carry the clothes well! :)

Same. Back in the day when I was watching it, I though she had the best figure in the world lol! Plus her face was just gorgeous so she was my celeb crush for a while.
But yeah, not so much these days
Yah she's been vegan for quite a long time now. She was just your average teenage body of the 90's in clueless. Nothing special, I was thinner than that when I was that age.
She wasn't thin in Clueless but thinner than she is now. But good for her for going vegan. I can never be one I love my cheese way too much.