Alicia Moore ( Pink)


Apr 6, 2012
Feb 25, 2013









She looks like a man on steroids. :nervous: Way too thick and too much muscle and bloat!

No waist, wide back, thick arms, tiny hips, almost no boobs, chunky legs. Just so effin manly and like a man who's into bodybuilding. It's alright to be an apple shaped, but she's just way too buff and masculine, she should stop going to the gym so much to build more muscle...
You know what, she use to be a gymnast as far as I know & has that natural mesomorph body type probably w/o a TON of effort (but still quite a bit of effort to maintain), and given that she's not a spring chicken I actually give her props for being quite tight looking! I mean 18 yr old girls these days have fatter asses & thighs!

So, I'll take Pink as she is even if she isn't super feminine. I dislike that women MUST look feminine by ______(insert ridiculous)____ standard, it's the same logic that says women must have big breasts to be sexy too, which us skinny girls can relate to as well if you weren't given that hour glass curve, but a xylophone instead.

Anyway I think we need some crazy buff low-fat women here and there (particularly if they can actually do their muscles for something other than just show), it keeps the world interesting and at least they too care about their appearance even if the aesthetic is different.:cool:
She's definitely not a thinspo to any of us but I doubt she ever wanted to be skinny herself. As mentioned, she was a gymnast and she started the training for her new tour. I think she is healthy and fit and that after having a child. I raise my hat to her.