Alexina Graham

aside from her contrived, self absorbed personality she’s seemingly playing up, i can’t help wonder if she’s ever had her makeup done/watched a makeup tutorial/come into contact with a mirror at all. victoria’s secret are either really desperate or really bored having her do it when i’m sure other models can apply makeup much better (i’m looking at you elsa hosk, we all know how you manipulate your entire face). the smudged eyeshadow, the asymmetrical eyeliner, the post blowjob lips- what a piss take.

is this their new direction? comedy? sorry vs, but taylor’s thighs are laughable enough.
That’s actually ridiculous
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I don't know why I watched this but this is just... bad :nopity:
(and the comments :hahano:)

Watching this gave me a headache.. so much unnecessary movement:spazrun::spazrun::spazrun: I only realized how bad the makeup was at the end because I was too dizzy to pay attention during the video :lol:

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I think she’s the first model to announce being confirmed positive for COVID-19. Wishing her a speedy recovery :flower:
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