Alena Blohm


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May 11, 2012
According to The Society: HEIGHT 5'9" - BUST 33" - WAIST 24" - HIPS 35

But in reality she's even shorter than Marine Deleeuw, so I'd guess that she is around 5'7.5".










Her body needs a lot of work (like growing 2 more inches), but her weak point is definitely her upper arms:


I think fluctuations in her weight affect her arms first, because in some pictures her upper arms look fine while in others they look huge. Don't know about the state of her body at the moment though.
I agree that her arms and her height are weak points, but god what a beautiful face :wtf: And she's got great legs, especially given her relatively short stature.
Her arms are like mine. It's my 'spot' too. She looks 5"8ish
Is it too late for her to grow cos im kind of in love with her face
Her facial structure reminds me of Natasha Poly but I doubt she'll ever get as far as Poly's ankle.
She lost a ton of weight, so I thought it might be interesting to bring her back to you girls' attention. Also, she just went to VS call backs yesterday. She's been working for them regularly, but still she is probably too skinny for them now.

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When I saw that this thread was revived in my head I was like "okay, which newb fucked up this time, bc there's no way she's still relevant," but paint me red and call me uncle Alena pulled it out of her ass!

I'd love to know how she did it- anyone have any idea what her fitness routine looks like?
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She's a vegan and does a lot of outdoor activities to stay in shape. Biking seems to be one of her favorite things to do, she goes on long bike trips with her bf. @Natalie

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Although her weight loss is admirable and I love her, her body is...I don't know, not my taste? She's too skinny fit for me, and she always looks a bit haggard and worn out. Hope she's okay.
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