Aishling O'Connell


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Jan 26, 2012
She was scouted by IMG agents who loved her so much. Apparently she had impressed many designers and photographers too. Though I don't see anything about her look that emphasizes high fashion or even particulary special. I understand she has a great personality, but...

Obviously the agents have better judgement since they've spotted many successful models, but I really want to understand what was it they saw that made them so crazy about her as if they found the next Kate Moss? What do you girls think?

@VIPs: Since you work in the industry, would love your opinion on her too.






She's signed with IMG:

I'm only curious because they loved her so much... and was wondering what I missed..
She looks like a regular girl I'd see in my class at school except she is tall & has a super skinny body.
Sometimes I have the feeling that in the fashion industry it´s all about "being versatile". Sometimes, not always- this means just plain.

I don´t know since I´m no insider, but I observed some trend:
Looking plain & average seems to get a model to being known half-famous to insiders only, which is pretty good as a standart.
But with an uncommon, personal look or special features ("special" in the good AND bad way) it needs an especially good body or something else that stands out to make it really big.
She isn't even that tall. She is listed as 5' 9'' by IMG. She's decently skinny but looks a bit soft? Maybe that's just me being picky.
I don't see the appeal aside from her look fitting in well for commercial work, but I'm only judging by what was posted here.

I think many of these "ordinary" girls come out with a lot of hype at the start, but many don't achieve a great amount of success in the industry. Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton are two girls that I consider quite ordinary, except they do have an extra something, Kloss is quite tall with nice angles, and well, Upton, we all know what gives her that special edge ;)

I can't see what gives O'Connell precedence over all the beautiful and interesting girls in the industry today, but I would be happy to see something by her that gives me pause.
Even though she's a fellow Irish cailin I have to agree. Maybe, seeing as she's only 17 they see that she's still only "growing into" her features and can see untapped potential that we can't right now?? We'll just have to wait and see I guess....
Maybe it's the beauty of simplicity in her? I am too lazy to look for her polaroids, but in the IMG portfolio she looks like a drawing of a pretty girl you would do without a model standing in front of you - defined lips, symmetric eyes, tiny nose, fair and clear skin, thin though not too thin of a figure... If you know what I mean.
a 'plain/versatile' look is often really sought after in modelling- they want you to be a blank canvas
if you have the capability to look completely different in one look to the next, then thats great- you are, after all a glorified clothes hanger.
when faces are recognisable, thats good but generally thats only the really famous models.
she is very pretty, girl next door, pale etc. and she has great legs.
also personality is soooooo important. its a small industry and people talk...
From what I saw of her on the model scouts, she was absolutely lovely, always so positive, and she could pull off many looks while looking great!