Abercrombie - Hates Fat Chicks


Miss Incognito


When I first saw the title of this article, I knew it was my cup of tea. A brand explaining that it intentionally does not make it's clothing for women larger than size L because they do not want fat chicks wearing their line. BRAVO for them. Of course this enrages everyone else in the world, not to mention the sarcastic voice of the reporter (probably chubby chaser) who is obviously against what abercrombie is promoting.
I wish more people would see the light. This is not simply about aesthetics, YES clothes look better on skinny people, but also SKINNY PEOPLE ARE A LOT HEALTHIER.
(also I googled Mike Jeffries, and he does not look like a freak!)
Anyways, some ladies started bashing this on the internet, it enraged me... need I say more. I found it very insulting what they say in regards to skinny women. I did not join in because there is nothing trashier than a facebook war. I post here to vent where others will sympathize with me


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I love how majority of them say "I will never shop at these stores again".. when they could never fit the clothing in the first place :nopity:
I feel like most good designers don't create larger clothes anyway. And there's a good reason for it. You don't want to buy something if its being shown in a way that warps it. It doesn't make the garment look good. Something that looks good on a skinny girl almost never looks good on a bigger girl because of the way she holds herself, her posture, her body shape, just everything about her changes the whole image of the clothing. It's not that a brand has something against fat people, necessarily. But fat people cannot sell clothing, because nobody wants to be a fat person.
The thing I find saddest about these women complaining that they can't fit into abercrombie is that I'm not even skinny and I buy my sweaters at abercrombie kids (same sweaters for cheaper--plus i'd be lying if I didn't get an amazing feeling knowing i'm wearing children's clothes) but anyway if I can fit in their children's section, being too fat to wear normal abercrombie shouldn't be a reason to bitch but rather a wake up call to go for a fucking run.
Isn't L pretty fat though? :run:

Yes! And size 12 jeans are made with at least double the amount of material my jeans are made with, and I have seen plenty of overweight people in Abercrombie clothing. These people need to stfu and either lose weight or go to Torrid.