A young Sinead O'Connor


Emerald Eyes

I know she's as mad as a brush and hers is the saddest case of letting oneself go completely that I've ever witnessed but I just loved Sinead's look when she was young. Loved her elfin face. Those eyes....


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Oooh I love how she looked back then (my first thinspo!) and she was the reason I got up the nerve to cut my hair short. Did you know she was a priestess in a breakaway Catholic sect?
*shudder* this is so sad. She was beautiful back then, and now...what the hell is even going on with her.
she reminds me of natalie portman when she shaved her head for "v for vendetta". weird.


I just had to :)

I think she is going through depression again - she cancelled a June gig in my city, so it might be quite serious.

Thanks! Hadn't seen that in a long while. She was so beautiful back then. Yes she's always been in the media here (I'm Irish too) doing crazy sh*t like tearing up a picture of the pope live on stage then deciding she wanted to be a priest and getting a big tattoo of Jesus on her chest. It's so sad. What a voice....