1. smallthing


    She is a French makeup artist with a YouTube channel, but not just any makeup artist - this woman has done a multitude of editorials with Vogue. Plus, I love her style of makeup - more art than mask - and she is close to SG skinny as well. Her videos are not her talking at the camera like many...
  2. T

    Sonya Esman

    Hi! I searched around for a thread on Sonya but couldn't find one, which was surprising. She's a Russian/Canadian youtuber, who makes really nice videos and she's also a blogger and a model. Russian channel...
  3. Butternut

    Eugenia Cooney

    She is a youtuber who's videos are kinda bad... I'm posting her because she's EXTREMELY thin. She says it's natural but I doubt it xD Anyone heard of her?