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  1. espressoenthusiast

    Badgley Mischka S/S 2019 (RTW)

    Not at all my favorite show, but a pretty good group of models (and the rare Vlada sighting!!) 1.Irina Kravchenko (Opened) 2. ? 3. Julia Belyakova 4. Mili Boskovic 5.? 6. Marie Damian 7.? 8. Daphne Velghe 9. Sophie Longford 10. Madison Moehling 11.Barbra Lee Grant 12. Su Kexin 13.Charlene...
  2. throwback Vlada/Olga S

    throwback Vlada/Olga S

  3. bisou

    Model Snapchats

    I LOVE following models on Snapchat. It's great thinspo to see little tidbits of their bodies, diets and routines throughout the day. Consistently viewing brief and up-to-date videos of models generally being beautiful and skinny and perfect is incredibly motivating. I also love seeing cool...
  4. Vlada Roslyakova

    Vlada Roslyakova

    No description needed. The picture says everything.
  5. Baby Vlada

    Baby Vlada

    Because how many other people can pull off those pants