1. oscreux

    Skye Grayson

    This girl is not terribly well known in the industry, but her figure is to die for. She is very young (maybe 19) so perhaps it is just that youthful metabolism. http://skyexkx.tumblr.com/ This is her tumblr I believe, she posts a lot of pictures of her food but not too many of her self. I've...
  2. lux

    Livia Abramoff aka bahnhofzoo

    A slim tumblr girl I recently discovered.. "bahnhofzoo", apparently she orders a lot of Prada etc. and takes pictures of her newest acquirements at the gym at her home and seems to be fond of the skinny aesthetics.. Apparently she's 20. what do you think of her? http://bahnhofzoo.tumblr.com/
  3. pinkblackbluered

    Shmegeh (Michelle Alessandra)

    Hey, so I was browsing around on the thinspo tag on tumblr, and this girl kept popping up. I visited her page and I was wondering what you guys think of her. http://shmegeh.tumblr.com/tagged/my+face She is maybe a touch to thin for my taste, mainly because she looks kind of sick. Also...