1. gracilis

    Nikki Alexa Reynen

    Thoughts? 5'9", signed with The Industry Model Mgmt
  2. Bente Oort

    Bente Oort

    Bente Oort, photo is from the Document Journal I believe.
  3. baby magda

    baby magda

  4. proseccoprincess

    AnniBelis Baez

    Viva Paris/London/Barcelona WhyNot Milan DNA New York 5'11 Bust- 30" Waist- 23" Hips- 34" New-ish model from the Dominican Republic. She's been killing it at the past few fashion weeks and her body is :bow:
  5. smallthing

    Luna Bijl

    Stats from Premier London: Height 5' 10" Bust 32'' Waist 24½'' Hips 34''
  6. Willow Hand

    Willow Hand

    Vera Wang SS17
  7. E

    Alexandra Agoston

    I've just discovered Alexandra, she's with IMG. I'm a big fan. Her face is sublime and I adore her freckles. I hope to see much more in the future. Stats: 183 cm / 6'0 WAIST 24" BUST 33" HIPS 34" From her Instagram
  8. Legs


    Just look at HIS legs. Goals