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  1. Aemiko

    Should I buy it?

    I couldnt find any thread like this, if there is then sorry in advance. But i thought it would be great to have a thread where you can ask people wether buy a piece of clothes or not. My question is should i buy this jeans? Am i look too big/small/flat in it? Thank you!!
  2. classichic

    What are you wearing this winter? Partywear?

    I am in desperate need of some winter wardrobe inspiration, I've been wearing the same things as my previous years, basically all black. I feel like I haven't really been following fashion these days and nothing has really stood out for me. Anyone else feeling like this? What are you wearing...
  3. smallthing

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    Hi ladies! Feel free to chastise me if this thread has been made, but Nordstrom is currently having their anniversary sale and some of their clothes are much more accessible to people of limited means like myself! So I thought we could all post pictures of some of the items we really like...