Which kind of shoes are you wearing and which not?


Worker Bee
Feb 21, 2012
Ugh, I have a problem. High heels, wedges, flats, topsiders, moccasins, knee-highs, ankle booties, slip-ons... At least I can wear the same shoes as I lose weight, while I've had to do away with a lot of my bigger clothes :)


Worker Bee
Feb 21, 2012
I don't wear snickers or anything sporty. I hate the way they look :S Right now I have a big collection of thick heels in several colors, my favorites at the moment are the Steve Madden Grettta model.


I DIE. You, my dear, have some fantastic taste. And I agree, literally the only shoes I don't wear are trainers (unless I'm actually working out, but even then, I still hate them).


I love little boots! :luv: I am in love with Doc Martins and studded boots at the moment. I also love ballet flats and heels :)

Merci Petite

Worker Bee
Jan 21, 2012
Some of you are so impressive! I love my mocassins and Oxfords which makes winter particularly annoying....

I love my loafers and brogues too :highfive:
I live in flats, the only "sport" pair I wear are chucks, classic black canvas converse.... I love high heels, but I like ballet flats better....
I do wear my combat boots more than I should hahahaha


I can't wear ballet flats because I'm done with always having to walk carefully if I don't want to drop them.
I have a pair of Converse I wear when I feel like not doing any efforts.
I have Bensinon 'sneakers' (most basic shoes in France. Like EVERY girl under 25 has 3 pairs at least)
I don't have many pairs of heels :( Because I'm a European 35/36 and most of 36 are too big, and you probably all know what it's like when your heels are too big. I LOVE HEELS I love walking with heels I love everything about heels. But I walk 4-5km a day so I can't wear really high heels to go to school.
Most of my shoes are flat because I don't really like "small" heels. It's either over 10cm or under 2,5. NOT 5 or 6 or anything. It screws up everything. But I'm only talking about me.
In France we don't have uniforms so most girls in highscool wear high heels, loads of makeup, and have overdone hair. I just dont do lots of efforts when I go to school, it's hard enough to wake up at 6:30


I am a shoe addict!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
I LOVE HEELS, spike heels, wedges platforms !!!!
I wear them all the time even to my kids baseball, football and soccer games!!! They are great for calve muscles and since I have tiny ankles the chunkier the platform the tinier they make me look or feel its my story! ;)

I wear sneakers only when I am in the gym... otherwise I feel frumpy and under dressed!


I wear sneakers only when I am in the gym... otherwise I feel frumpy and under dressed!

^ That´s a good attitude! I guess Vic Beckham thinks the same way...

I love high heels and stilettos, I have no problems walking in them on whatever ground. I also feel how my way and body language changes when I wear them :luv:
SOmetimes I feel strange because of my height. But it gets better with time, i guess.

But I have to admit that I HATE ankle boots with a passion... even the skinniest runway model´s legs look short & stumpy when they´re wearing ankle boots.
No need to mention clogs, crocs or furry boots here, I guess :wtf:


Oh my god, I love shoes. I own literally hundreds of them... Everything goes. Except for Crocs, and ugly trainers. I wear Converse when I want to get sporty. I'm seriously addicted to shoes! I spent a ridiculous amount of money on them last year... I almost cried when I realized it. |: But thankfully I have friends who always buy my old pairs so I can get at least some of the money back :D

Also, I'm 5'7 and I have no problem wearing heels up to 5 inches. I don't get what's this "too tall for heels" thing.


Grand Dame
Jan 19, 2012
I almost always wear a pair of moccasins I got at the reservation near the summer camp I worked at. For winter I wear the western riding boot in tribe leather from Roots. I don't like heels, I feel as though I am disconnected from the ground. For fancy occasions I wear flat sandals, though I have worn wedges very occasionally.


Always flats or sneakers. I never wear heels or wedges after seeing the condition of my sister and mother's feet.


Super Star
Apr 7, 2012
My go-to heels are these rust coloured court shoes that have a 4 inch heel with no platform. When I wear heels I prefer to foot arch to be fairly high, cause then it looks sexier. For special occasions I'll wear higher heels with a small platform.

For flats I usually wear those slipper shoes that are super trendy right now, mine are black and gold and look very smart, I didn't want them too slouchy looking. I also have a pair of brown tasseled loafers which I love, and some similar suede moccasins.


Rising Star
May 8, 2012
Australia/the world
I love stylish ankle or over the knee flat or low, block-heel boots for casual day wear - especially in the cooler weather!

For hospital work, I have brilliant pairs of all-leather navy flats that are life-savers for long shifts.

I can wear heels like flats but I wear them so much for modelling (castings, go-sees and jobs) so I save them for special occasions or when I'm feeling that way inclined ;)

I love high wedges and pretty much any style of heel :grin:


For the summer I've often been wearing strappy sandals. So comfortable and cute!


Super Star
Apr 22, 2012
I love my heels to go out on the weekends but during the week i MUST wear something flat or semi flat! I am on my feet all day at work so I love wearing the flats with the 2 inch heel (which are actually comfy), regular flats, sandals or my sperrys :) For class I usually wear my sperrys.


*summer : flip flops & sandals from Ipanema (Gisele Bundchen designes)
*spring,autumn : balet flats (favorite pair from ToryBurch bought on sale :) )
*winter : ugg boots with button in sand color & tall classic uggs in chocobrown

all year : high heels in all style (usually 9-10 cm, cant really go for more)

don't really have any highfashion brands, exept one pair of classic black peep toe Louboutins (15cm), i got them from my hun for 21st birthday !!!! :luv: