What's your favorite movie(s)?

There are so many, but I'll name a few:
Let the Right One In
Lost in Translation
The Prime of Miss Jean Brody
And for a good dose of nostalgia, A Little Princess (Alfonso Cuaron, not Shirley Temple)

Massive yes to The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I love that story. I tried a couple more of the author's books too and they were excellent. Don't know if you've seen it but if not, Picnic at Hanging Rock is a great film (and book) and although it's a completely different story to Miss Jean Brodie, for me they go quite well together, not sure why! Anyway, thought I'd mention it in case it was your cup of tea :)

I love sherlock holmes movies :luv:
Slumdog millionaire
For the lattest movies i love gone girl and birdman

Guy Ritchie Sherlock? His is my favourite interpretation of Holmes and Watson, they're good fun :) And Gone Girl is great too - must get round to watching Birdman, it looks great.

For me:
The Bourne Trilogy
The Usual Suspects
THREE? oh dear...i could go on for pages

1. citizen kane
2. good will hunting
3. dead poets society
pulp fiction, spirited away, the big lebowski, american beauty, inglorious bastards, amélie, the godfather (I & II), annie hall....

caan't choose :hyper:
but on a sidenote is it terrible that i semi-judge people i meet if their top movie choices are candyfloss
Ooh I am the person who've seen ridiculously few movies :/// although I'm trying to improve that, so this thread will be really useful for me for future reference ;)
I love finance-related movies, particularly Inside Job (which is more of a documentary), it shows the 'ugly' side of the industry so well I find it absolutely hilarious :lol: (maybe there is something wrong with my sense of humour...) but also Margin Call :luvluv: I can't help it, I just love the industry and how shameless it is, I am a terrible person ;)
I also adore period dramas.