What have you watched recently?

Personally detest the distinction between so-called “highbrow” and “lowbrow,” however it’s defined, which seems extremely nebulous to me. Things are either good or not and I always find people who are authentic in what they like infinitely preferable and more interesting.:flower:
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It's admittedly far from highbrow, but I just watched The Man From UNCLE and found it to be stylish, campy fun. Lots of charismatic actors dialing up the charm- especially Elizabeth Debicki. (Would love any recommendation for movies with similar 60s style, either modern or from the era!)

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Maybe check some early Catherine Deneuve movies - very aesthetic, very 60s-ish and pretty fun:

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) 1964

MV5BMjIyNzAyNjA0MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzgyMzk1OQ@@._V1_ (1).jpg

Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort) 1967



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I recently got to see Let The Right One In (2008) with my sister. It’s a horror movie about a troubled 12-year-old Swedish boy, Oskar, and his strange new neighbor Eli. There’s not much more I can say about the plot without spoilers, but it was certainly an entertaining enough movie. I can say, though, that the movie is about vampires.

In my opinion the film doesn’t do enough justice to the book (written by John Ajvide Lindqvist in 2004), but I sort of expected that going in as the movie has a runtime of just under 2 hours and the book is ~480 pages long. They were bound to cut some stuff out due to timing reasons, I just wish what they cut wasn’t stuff that was important to the plot.

Still, it was a relatively decent watch for fans of horror movies like myself (although I’d argue that the genre for this leans towards more horror-romance).
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Only good ideas in Max Ophüls’ La Ronde.

Capture 015 - Criterion.com_ La ronde _ Anton Walbrook, Simone Signoret, Serge Reggian.jpeg

Capture 016 - Criterion.com_ La ronde _ Anton Walbrook, Simone Signoret, Serge Reggian.jpeg

Capture 017 - Criterion.com_ La ronde _ Anton Walbrook, Simone Signoret, Serge Reggian.jpeg
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Jibaro (Love Death + Robots) Season 3 Episode 9
Tale of an enchanting Aztec siren covered in gold and jewels who's voice drives anyone who hears it (from soldiers to monks) into an overwhelming frenzy... Until she encounters a deaf knight - though he cannot hear her song will he resist her allure?
No, he rips every ornament from her body, stripping her bare and returning her body to the lake she emerged from. However, before he can escape, the taste of her blood grants him his hearing and her song drags him into the depths.
Jibaro death.jpg

I rediscovered this after going down a little rabbit-hole into the work of Alberto Mielgo; I still can't believe it is entirely CGI animated, I am in love with this story for it's capture of the intense allegory of Spanish colonisation and the pillaging that came with it.
"I and my companions suffer from a disease of the heart which can be cured only with gold." - Conquistador Hernán Cortés
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Desert Flower (2009). An autobiographical film based on the life of Waris Dirie who, after becoming a victim of FGM, escapes Somalia and moves to London to avoid a forced marriage to a much older man. She is eventually discovered and was able to forge a successful modelling career, eventually becoming a UN ambassador against FGM. It really resonated with me because such violations against women are unfortunately common in Somali culture, but seeing this woman succeed despite all of this makes for an inspiring narrative. The movie casts Ethiopian-born model Liya Kebede as Waris.

Liya Kebede as Waris:




The real Waris Dirie:



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My go to movie that I can rewatch over again is Like Minds (2006) directed by Gregory J. Read. It also goes by the name Murderous Intent and is a thriller, and I would say gothic fiction as well. It follows Alex Forbes, a student at a prestigious boys boarding school who is plagued by a mysterious and standoffish new student, Nigel Colbie, who is assigned Alex's roommate. Nigel's obsession with Alex follows as he suffers from delusions of reference, believing they are in a line of great men and prophecies.

"We’ve been brought together for a reason, and it’s written here. For eternity.”
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This perhaps may be out of place considering it isn’t really something you analyse for the depth of it per se. But I just saw Strays with my best friend, we’ve made seeing films and ranking how bad they are into a little tradition. And it’s the first film we’ve frankly enjoyed in ages. And it’s really endearing. Also, haven’t watched David Tenant in anything since Jessica Jones, so that was nice lol. And the message, however vulgarly conveyed was very sweet, and amusing. Goes to remind people that your blood isn’t always your family but folks you find along the way.
When you go to a private east coast college that loves to boast its fencing, crew, and rugby teams, watching Dead Poet’s Society is somewhat unavoidable. Me and 13-something other people gathered in a friend’s room (yes, he has a wall mounted TV) to watch the movie in celebration of the new school year… Because we’re extra we also had plenty of wine and an irish coffee station :woot: Also, because we’re annoying, we talked over the whole thing. Oops!

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If you are like me and like watching movies that motivate you to work hard towards your goals I can recommend King Richard. It’s about Serena and Venus Williams journey to success and how their father trained them and never rested until his daughters were the best tennis players. Do you have any other recommendations for inspiring/ motivational movies? :grin:
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