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Vlada Roslyakova


Rising Star
Apr 22, 2019
FFS. She might be decent at acting but her voice just is not fit for singing - at least in this type of horrible, nasal genre. It hurts.

I also hope it's not written by her. The lyrics are so cheesy. Just no

Not specifically aimed at Vlada, just a general comment.
Sometimes I wish models weren't on social media. Always ruins the perception you have of them as almost other-worldly and untouchable. Yes, models like Vlada, Snejana, Marine etc. are no longer in their primes and have the right to do whatever they want, but I can't help feeling that I've been given false impressions. Of course models aren't robots and they do have lives outside of the modelling world, but cringeworthy posts (*cough* Snejana *cough*) do negatively taint their reputations.
Also wanna say that I don't find Vlada's singing that bad, her theatrical videos are quite sweet and endearing. However, this one...not so much.
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