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Jan 29, 2012
The topic of "untraditional" agencies has propped up a lot in the past several seasons (Midland, Anti, No Agency, Tomorrow is Another Day)and I was curious what you all think about them. Passing fad? Offensive to typical modeling standards? Revolutionary? Or simply, "has its place and can work alongside conventional models."

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Mar 19, 2018
To me they just seem like agencies that market models with that alternative aesthetic (kinda like early Stella maxwell?). I don’t really know anything about marketing, but to me it seems risky to bank on only one look rather than to have an alt department or something.

Given that there are phases in the industry on what vibes designers are looking for that season, these agencies seem kind of redundant in aiming toward one general aesthetic that’s going to go out of style anyway.

I imagine they won’t be very profitable in the long run, but, again, I’m no expert.
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Jun 20, 2017
I believe they do have their own market which is 'quirky/artsy/cool instakid' kind of what they want for magazines like I-D or similars, now if it is well paid or not that is another matter...

From my (very) brief experience with Anti Agency they were (2013) very focused on instagram numbers and creating personalities that could also be booked for events, not in a basic instamodel way but more like 'hey, I'm not only a cute face, I have this personality and so many other talents'.
I guess it is an attempt to prolong the 'model' life as much as possible, as many don't have the requirements to fit the main modeling industry.
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