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Thinspo Dump


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May 24, 2018
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Shit, this photo of Chiara has been a major thinspo for me since she posted it a couple days ago. Wow :bow:
Not that I expected you to know this, but this girl is a friend of a friend via social media and, whilst I did count her as a major thinspo when I first met(?) her, she’s actually in ED treatment for pretty bad anorexia right now and has gained substantially. Good for her, of course.

Just mentioning as I’ve seen a lot of her pictures floating around tumblr recently and I would feel uncomfortable seeing other people repost anymore photos of her without me stepping in, knowing her conditions and all. (Okay confession: I may or may not still have several photos saved of her when she was my ultimate thinspo and unfortunately deep into her disorder. If I could look like that sans the mental illnesses I undoubtedly would... but I digress :nervous:)


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Apr 22, 2018
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Northern Europe
Not a picture dump, but looking at old photos of myself I realized it being the best thinspo for me. The jawline and cheekbones/cheek dents I've gotten! It'd be a nightmare to go back to be average bodied but also softer/rounder facially - which I also view ''uglier'' on myself...

No thanks. :hibye:
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