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Grand Dame
Mar 29, 2022
Currently watching Lars Von Trier's movie Nymphomaniac and I'm loving Stacy Martin in this. I didn't know who she was before but I'm obsessed with how delicate she looks.
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I'm the worst at taking screenshots so if you haven't already I recommend giving it a watch.
So good! Thanks for posting this, I need to watch the film—did you enjoy it overall?

Thanks to you I found this thread about her here. I think I’ll watch Nymphomaniac over the weekend if you think it’s worth it. She looks really striking in the photos you posted.
Dec 2, 2015
You probably watched these but I'm going to put them here because these are some I really loved when I was younger. They are both bitchy teen movies (a little bit cringy now but still iconic so I don't care lol)

The Clique
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Wild Child
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Haha, oh my gosh. I watched both of these movies too when I was younger. I love the first one haha that one was so inspiring to me when I was around the same age as the girls in the movie. :lol:
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Jan 7, 2022
Song jia or Freezia was mentioned here earlier, but after the case of wearing fake branded things on ig and Single’s Inferno, she disappeared from social networks.
but she's back and oh my god i love her body even more than before😍
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Worker Bee
Jan 10, 2022
South Korea
Girl from Nowhere is coming back for season 3 which I’m super excited about! For those who don’t know of it, it’s a Thai drama available on Netflix.

The basic premise is that an ‘evil entity’, Nanno, transfers to different schools to expose the true nature and deceit of many of the students and staff. She essentially enacts karma onto others. It’s also an anthology series, so each episode has its own unique storyline and some of them are even based on real-life cases.

Definitely a thought provoking series and I feel like KittyChicha does a magnificent job as Nanno. She recently posted these teasers on Instagram, so I wanted to share here because I thought you girls would like them too :luvluv:

Loved the show because I’m a huge fan of horror plots and psychological thrillers and would definitely recommend if you are too.

If you’ve watched the series before, I’d love to know your thoughts about it!


I especially love this teaser.

And here’s Chicha for Elle Hong Kong August 2021
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Oct 4, 2019
Following @amorlia post with newest pictures of KittyChicha which I find absolutely mesmerizing 😍


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