The Vogue Factor



I didn't know where to post this... Is there any threads about books?
Anyways, has any one read The Vogue Factor by Kristie Clements? Is it any good?

Here is the synopsis:
The Vogue Factor is the former Australian Vogue Editor-in-Chief's candid account of life at the heart of the fashion industry, from photo shoots and celebrity interviews to the ugly truth behind the glamour - infighting, back-stabbing and the dangerous pursuit of beauty.
This is the behind-the-scenes story of an illustrious career in fashion, from receptionist to the editor's chair. It's a life of dazzling parties, outrageous fashion and exotic travel that most people can only dream of.
But behind the glossy photos is a hidden world of chaos and pressure, where girls as young as twelve starve themselves to fit into a sample size.
Kirstie Clements' eye-opening account of life in fashion's fast lane has hit headlines all over the globe. Both a celebration and a critique of this extraordinary industry, The Vogue Factor is this season's must-have


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Jan 17, 2013
There is a couple of general threads about books, but there are also separate threads for some so don't worry :)

I haven't read it, but after reading the synopsis I know I will.


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May 24, 2012
I read this recently. I found it really hard to take her seriously. She was cast out of the industry pretty unceremoniously and spends the book whining about how much better things were done in her time. I felt she came across bitter and petty, not elegant and aspirational. A bit of a disappointment and utterly un-recommendable.

If you're set on reading a Vogue editor biography, read 'Front Row: Anna Wintour'. It absolutely soars in all the many areas that 'The Vogue Factor' Falls flat.