The avengers!!!!!!!!

I want to see it so bad but I promised my cousin I will wait a bit and watch it with her.
I agree about Scarlett. I think it would at least make sense if she had some muscles but she's all..womanly. Her thighs were annoying me in Iron Man2 and she looks even heavier in the avengers trailers. It's a shame because her face would look great if she lost some weight ..
Anyway my favourite is the Hulk because.. ugh I don't know why I just love him. And of course Iron Man *.*
Um, when I watch a movie I pay attention to the acting, not the body, of the performer...
I think the film was excellent, every actor and actress performed it well. I especially love the comedic breaks they included with Robert Downey Jr. :)
Chris Evans :)

Thanks! Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to say I like Captain America better. :p
I am skipping. I can't believe anyone would go to this, hello, you don't read comics! Or do you...........
Loved it!

It was never going to be a "life changing", "revolutionary" movie but it was thoroughly enjoyable!

"... Puny god..."
"Hulk.............. smash."

Okay, so I'm definitely in the minority here, but I didn't really find the movie that great. *shrugs shoulders* but the only reason I went to see the movie is because my friend wanted me to go and she had to wake me up because I was dozing off, although I do agree that the hulk part with Loki was funny...:lol:
I agree the movie was awesome!! But when I said to my bf that ScarJo was chubby, he looked at me like I was nuts. Meh, men I guess, she looks squishy. :lol:
I usually don't look at the bodies of the actors but if its a movie made from a book or comic I've read I just have to make sure the actors suit the original characters..
I loved this movie! I am also a little bit in love with Chris Evans, he looked so much better as Captain America than he did as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four in my opinion.
Finally saw this movie today, it was good and didn't take itself too seriously. I mainly went to see it because Robert Downey Jr. is such a foxy man.

ABSOLUTELY love this movie! I have it pre ordered on Blu Ray! I am so excited for it to come out! There are going to be Bloopers on the DVD, which I am most excited about indeed. :luv:
I had a lot of fun watching The Avengers, particularly for the witty banter the characters often have. I think when Thor says Loki was adopted was my favorite part. XD