Suki Waterhouse


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Feb 5, 2012
She's the one who was dating Bradley Cooper, a proper Lolita which I love and she's definitely adorable and my new hair envy. What do you think of her? I can definitely see her being known, if anything because of the people she's friends with.



I like her mostly because she has that ''baby doll'' kind of look. and I think she and Bradley look so good together. They seem to be really in love and they look at each other like they just can't wait to rip each others clothes off.
It's definitely "who you know" :rolleyes:

Suki and Miles Kane

with Bradley Cooper

She's just meh to me. I don't like her nose (but I can see why others would consider her attractive) and she could definitely lose a few.




And I leave you with my favourite picture

It pains me to revive this poor excuse for a model's thread [which should really be in Takedowns IMO], but I just saw pics of her on the Burberry runway for LFW [in the Daily Fail, don't judge me, OK?] and I immediately thought: To Skinny Gossip!

This is NOT a model. We all know why and how she booked that show [Note: Bradley Cooper was front row at the show]




What the hell? All I see are thighs, ass and porky face. I mean, I know it's Burberry, but come on! Even this looked more like a model:


I'm sorry, but I just can't! If your manfriend helps you prolong your 15 minutes, at least get your lardy ass into gym and do your part!

/rant over
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How did she fit into the clothes?
Omg I would be so ashamed showing me legs like this...

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And I leave you with my favourite picture


She has to have one of the most unfortunate body types. All her fat clings to her legs and ass. Her upper body doesn't even look "elegant thin", just boxy upper, then short, fat legs.... I kinda like her hair in the last pic, but that is it.
If she would walk next me in the street I wouldn´t even notice her. Her face is so boring even with all those make-up. And her body is meh. REEEEEALLY, Bradley?
Why is she even relevant? There is nothing more desperate than a girl who becomes known due to clinging to others - Cooper, Chung, Potato Face - and then frantically races around trying to prolong her 00:15. Totally unworthy of anyone's time and attention.

Besides, what does this Suki Watserface actually do?? Does anyone even know? :hmm: