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Discussion in 'Shoes' started by Victoria, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

    i don't know if any of you have seen the tv adverts for cheryl cole's collection at well, i'm not her biggest fan, but i checked out the site anyway and they have some really nice things!

    when you make an account, you answer a questionaire about your own style so that it can put together a showroom thats tailored to you! (it takes 24 hours to put it together, so i haven't seen mine yet - i'll let you know how it is)

    you also get 25% of your first pair of £40 heels - not too bad i thought.
    one of the best things is that there are shoes for £20 in the sale if you're on a budget or £120 if you wanna splash out! most of the shoes are £40 though.
    at the moment i've got my eyes on these...

    the membership is a little confusing, but i think it works like this: after you've bought your first item, you're charged £40 each month (unless you skip that month) which gives you a point. you exchange that point for a pair of shoes! happy days!
  2. mery

    mery Guest

    Thanks for the hint. I just tried it out myself.. can't wait to see what they will put together :) I love these kind of things!!!
  3. Skinny Gurl

    Skinny Gurl SG Founder

    Jan 9, 2012
    I like the concept, but I'm too fussy when it comes to shoes and I want to make sure they fit 100% perfect and don't want to have to deal with returns, etc.

    The site seems very similar to ShoeDazzle
  4. Victoria

    Victoria Guest

    hmm, i wasn't overly impressed with the selection they put together, although they still have some really nice things...

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