Anyone else likes this site?

It's updated every day, lots of thinspo and reverse thinspo. I gave up reading the comments because most of the times i find them annoying.
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I think Skinnyvscurvy is a great site. I always follow them and they post great pictures!
Yes I love that site!
I love writting aggrevating things to "pro curves" women. Nothing viscious of course, its not really my style, more along the lines of, "oh, I thought she looked better before the weight gain" :sneaky:
its amazing how much the pro curvey girls fire up from such things hahahaha
And yes I sometimes have too much time (while my bf watches soccer) :p
I like the website BUT agree about the comments being annoying
For instance,

I think she’s gorgeous. The poor thing looks so uncomfortable though – those boobs!!!!
I find it strange that some people are having such strong and judgemental reactions to her and her diet – leave her be and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

How delusional.

(Don't mind me, I'm currently hating on Jessica Simpson because of what she's advocating as her pregnancy diet)
Oh I LOVE skinnyvscurvy! And I must admit I really enjoy the comments too. It's one of my favourite pet peeves :) I just find it so fascinating how some women can be so pro-fat. There are a few members who get especially fired up every time a big woman is criticized. It's hilarious!
Why can't there be more websites like Skinnygossip and skinnyvscurvy?! I need my thinspo! :cool:
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Why can't there be more websites like Skinnygossip and skinnyvscurvy?! I need my thinspo! :cool:

You might want to take a look on Skinnyland where there is quite some interesting pictures, but no comments :(
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I love that skinnyvscurvy is updated every day :luv:

It's helps me get over the time until the next SG article!
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I check this site regularly, but stay out of the comment section :rolleyes:
People in the comments section are SUPER obnoxious. I get a laugh out of reading some of their comments.
I like the site but they fight over little dumb shit... ugh!

And it seems like everyone is on the "curvier" wagon, so there is no room for an honest opinion...

I said I would like to see a smaller Christina Hendricks and everyone started to bitch on me...

I never ever comented again... what a waste of time...