Short skinnies?



I'm 5'4" and while there's a lot of girls slim at my height, hardly anyone is really skinny.
From the top of my head I can only think of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan. Does anybody have some more ideas?


How could I forget Victoria? :eek: I think I always thought of her as of a quite high person subconsciously due to her fondness for heels.
This is a great thread! I'm a shorty too hehe. :p Asian celebrities are great thinspo for me. Smaller build and shorter height generally.

You're right, asian celebs are usually shorter and lovely skinny. They have really small frames though, so I never took them as a "real thinspo", because my bones are really large (not complaining though, I get thigh gap at 120 lbs;)).

I gave this a second thought and I came up with Olsen twins. Mary Kate sadly suffered from anorexia though, so it's not the best inspiration.
Yay for this thread!

Lookie ladies, it's the lovely Audrey!


Kate Moss was quite short for a model. Love the pictures of her when she was young :luv:

Twiggy was also short for a model at 5"6!
But she's more average than short!
I'm not really sure as I haven't seen her body lately, but Nicole Richie is 5"1 and she looks pretty good in here...

Rcahel McAdams is also pretty slim and 5"5. She had a better torso than her thighs though:
Nicole Richie.

Although she is not a current thinspiration but she used to be a long long time ago.

I couldn't get over her transformation.






Rooney Mara is 5'3?!?!?????
She looks at least 5'6
Also, she works the dark burgundy lip so well.

Yes! I was suprised as well, it's so cute. She looks like she has really long legs in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. When she stands next to her co-star you can see it clearly. With heels:

^Yeah and Daniel Craig is apparently only 5'10 and she looks a good 3-4 inches shorter than him - with heels.
Rooney Mara is 5'3?!?!?????
She looks at least 5'6

She must be quite short because they cast her as Lisbeth Salander who is described as about 5'0" tall in the books and is supposed to look rather fragile and petite.

Also, she works the dark burgundy lip so well.

I'm a little envious of how she can look that good with the black hair and the lipstick while being so pale :luv: