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Oct 17, 2020
I know she hasn’t been skinny since she was like 22, but is it even normal to fluctuate this way?

Not defending her or anything, but I do believe she fluctuates a lot due to lupus and possibly medications she has to take for her kidney transplant. I'm not gonna go into speculations about her possible addictions
Although I've read somewhere she has had problems with cocaine at a certain point in time which lead to her kidney problems.

I don't know if any of you watched her cooking show (on HBO Max) but the show aired less than a year ago (8 months ago) and she looks the closest to her lowest weights (minus the fake boobs):

Also when her makeup line came out, about 7-8 months ago, during promotions she looked the same - fresh faced, no bloat:

This is the most recent video, also the same format, that was published 1 week ago for promotion of her summer makeup collection:

As you can see, the weight gain is pretty obvious. It's not just 5-10lbs... It's at least 20lbs. And all that in such short period of time... It can't be healthy. I really hope it's just because of her medical condition and that she's taking care of herself because it seems to me that she's finally working on something she is proud of and living to the utmost potential.
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Jan 2, 2015
I know she has a bunch of health issues but I can't stand her. She has a new bikini line and of course, she is the model. Everyone on Twitter is praising her for "not retouching" her body but she doesn't even have the same arm and gut size across all pics. Also those are the ugliest patterns I've seen in swimwear.


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Dec 27, 2017
New York
I don’t even want to judge her because my mom has lupus and her medication has caused her to go from 95 pounds to 147 and she can’t control it. But it’s the only way she can stay alive.
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May 26, 2021
I know she has a bunch of health issues but I can't stand her. She has a new bikini line and of course, she is the model. Everyone on Twitter is praising her for "not retouching" her body but she doesn't even have the same arm and gut size across all pics. Also those are the ugliest patterns I've seen in swimwear.

Obviously the middle picture (or the bikini) is not flattering at all. Selena even only posted the photo of the one piece to her own IG.


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Jul 29, 2015

If you zoom in closely in her bag, you may notice what caused her body to be so massive :wtf:
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Aug 18, 2020
People compare everything and everyone to models these days... yikes.

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I thought this was kind of funny actually, poking fun at influencers/faux models that forgo higher education for their 15 seconds of fame. I don't think they're actually calling her a model or anything.

Has anyone seen her new documentary? I liked it but also couldn't help but think it just read as a brilliant branding exercise. The docu presented her in just the perfect amount of vulnerability to read as authentic but not showing enough of the (many) ugly parts that come with being bipolar for her to read as a monster. I'm bipolar myself, so while her body will never be up to my standards I do appreciate that she tries to raise awareness about mental health.
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May 30, 2021
I adored Selena when I was a kid. In no way was she ever SG skinny, but it was nice to see a slimmer girl on TV (compared to some of the Disney girls at the time). Not to mention her talent and the messages she spread about self love. Some of her outfits were fugly but back then I loved them. I also loved her friendship with Demi (standing next to Demi made her look skinnier too :hahano:).









I generally think she was a good role model for kids back in the day. It’s sad how lupus/the treatments have affected her body and mental health, but I laud her for being vulnerable and sharing her story. I really do wish her well.

I also noticed her signature pose was the classic hand on the hip… oh well. I’ll always have a soft spot for her :)
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May 20, 2013
I don't want to trash her for her weight because it's understandable with her health issues, but I saw this video the other day that was enough to make me dislike her as a person

Basically, a woman interviewing her ends by asking, "What else would you like to do besides act?" and Selena says philanthropy, after which the interview ends. Selena immediately starts acting bitchy and entitled and dumps this experience onto 10 people as if she were retraumatized after working at Disney. She says made her feel like a "product" which is arguably part of your role as a public figure, boohoo :nopity:

The interviewer clearly spoke English as a second language and might have had a time or question limit, yet Selena acts like the woman insulted her mother. Bet she couldn't tell you the interviewer's name. It rubbed me the wrong way -- after all the opportunity she was afforded in her life, she acts like this is a sob story?

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Aug 20, 2018
To me she's never seemed like she wants to be famous. Even 10 years ago when she was more relevant and would have hit songs, she's seemed so passive and not fully committed to her work. Every recent interview or news about her has been some sob story about her mental health. It would be one thing if she hid away from the spotlight and stopped trying to be a public figure, focusing her life on something else, but it's like she was launched into fame as a child star 15 years ago and is now like "well I guess I have to keep being famous." When I hear her music, or listen to her speak, I get the same feeling as I do when I see a Kendall Jenner photoshoot. Zero passion or personality, unclear as to why they're doing this or what they are trying to achieve.
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