Polina Ivochkina


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Feb 15, 2020
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Polina Ivochkina Face + Full Body.png
(I really like her arms here)
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Mother Agency : Grace Models in Moscow

Also under :
- Titanium Management (UK)
- Supreme Management (USA & France)
- Next Models (Italy)
- Uno Models (Spain)
- Donna Models (Japan)

Measurements (according to Supreme Management, I couldn't find them on Grace Model's website) :

175cm / 5'9"
BUST : 78cm / 30" 1/2
WAIST : 64cm / 25"
HIPS : 86cm / 34"
SHOES : 41
HAIR : Auburn
EYES : Hazel

Digitals by Supreme Management :

My opinion on her :
I appreciate her face a lot, especially when she does the look with her eyes. Also her jawline and cheekbones looks as sharp as a knife.:luv: Her arms are a big advantage of hers too in my opinion and in the last shoot we can see her legs which seems to look gorgeously skinny too. Her weak point could be her waist tho.
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