Petite models??



So I'm quite short at 5'1, but a friend's mom who's a former model is trying to push me toward print and petite modeling as a way to make some extra money (as a musical theatre actress, I can always use it). And the one time I ever went to a commercial screen test, it was because the casting director called me in personally from just reading the breakdown in passing, even though that breakdown called for "modelesque types,"Who and all the girls whose agents had sent them in were taller and thinner and much more "modelesque" than I am. I didn't book it, but it still kinda gave me hope that I might have a shot in the business. So I wanted to hear what you ladies think, if any of you know what agencies might seek out shorter clients, agencies that work primarily in print, etc. Thanks!
I'm re-posting this under "Careers," don't think this is the right place for it...a mod can delete it here if you want...I do want advice though :p
I'm not sure about what agencies go for shorties like you and I but I say go for it! They always show such tall models but rarely ever short models :(