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Discussion in 'Celebrities' started by Skinny2012, May 18, 2012.

  1. Skinny2012

    Skinny2012 Guest

    I like her, she is a great actress imo. Noomi is Swedish, 32 years old (*28 December 1979) and about 5 ft 4. She played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish/Danish film adaptations of the Millennium series and recently played Madame Simza Heron in Sherlock Holmes (A Game of Shadows).

    Her next upcoming movie will be "Prometheus" (science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, i think Michael Fassbender will be also in it).


    It's just that sometimes she dresses a bit ... weird?

    ...and i find her body rather average although she looked pretty toned in the Stieg Larsson movies.
    To be fair, that dress is also really unflattering ...
  2. Celia

    Celia Guest

    Dots and stripes? Really?
    I haven't heard of her but she seems .. just.. meh. Her face nor body is particularly nice.
    Robert Downey Jr on the other hand... reow.
  3. ExtraShot

    ExtraShot Guest

    i dont really care for her... shes a good actress though! but i think i one of the minority that actually prefers rooney as lisbeth ;) just my interpretation of the role!
    however i cannot WAIT for prometheus. helloooo michael fassbender :luv:
  4. MinnieMay

    MinnieMay Guest

    I love her, especially the way she acted in Millenium films...I had a period where I was obsessed about her and I did her hairstyle (now is more feminine, but the it still looks asymmetric) :grin:
  5. Emerald Eyes

    Emerald Eyes Guest

    I'm Noomi before Rooney any day! OMG her skinniness in the Dragon Tattoo one. She worked so hard for it too.
  6. Apple

    Apple Rising Star

    Jan 16, 2012
    I personally thought she looked too old to be Lisbeth. Her style is not ideal but I do like her natural hair, very pretty. She is so-so to me, but doesn't make too much of an impression. I plan on seeing Prometheus though, so we will see if she surprises me.
  7. Ello

    Ello Rookie

    Feb 17, 2012
    She was the perfect Lisbeth in my opinion. I liked Rooney but I felt like she was acting like Lisbeth vs being Lisbeth. As soon as I saw Noomi.. She just was the character. I'm pretty crazy about her. I do agree though, I don't always dig her fashion choices lol. But whatever makes an artist tick! She did look pretty hot in that gypsy getup in Holmes.
  8. imagirlet

    imagirlet Guest

    Couldn't agree more! Love her as lisbeth, way more than the girl in the english version
  9. leila

    leila Worker Bee

    Jan 22, 2012
    I saw her in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie, and I didn't know who she was then, but I thought she was great for the part, a bit exotic, fiery etc, very cute. I looked her up afterwards. but not a thinspo for me or anything....
  10. pterodactyl

    pterodactyl Super Star

    Jan 29, 2012
    I like her...she was intense in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!
  11. Skinny2012

    Skinny2012 Guest

    I agree...


  12. Anri

    Anri Rookie

    Nov 4, 2012
    Noomi Rapace was RIPPED in Prometheus.
    Here she is looking quite pretty.

  13. salander

    salander Guest

    Yay! I'm a big fan of Noomi, haha. I get compared to her in the Millenium series frequently (and the character she was playing generally, see username), and I'm definitely going for a similar body proportion as she had in those films, though probably just a little skinnier. But I think she's awesome and I loved her interviews - she was very honest that she had to work extremely hard for the body she had in the Millenium trilogy, and I prefer hearing that to the "oh, I eat whatever/never exercise" responses one often hears.
  14. Me too! Maybe that's why I like her so much :D (what is modesty?)
    And that was my body goal before I got a taste of how incredible good being skinny feels. I'm still in love with muscles but while remaining skinny.


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