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May 11, 2012













She looks really young, but I'm a huge sucker for light eyes. What are her legs like? They look bigger in comparison, any runway shots?

Stats updated by FT as of June 2022

DOB: 8 April 1995

MA: Avant
US: Society
FR: Elite
DE: Iconic

Height: 5'10.5" (179)

Bust: 32 (81)
Waist: 24 (61)
Hips: 35 (89)
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She looks skinny/curvy/sexy to me. Not a bad thing. I'd definitely like to see more photos of her work. Beautiful face/eyes/hair too.
She reminds me of vlada in a few pix, so that just automatically makes me like her. However, I think her facial expressions are rather bland and monotonous. She's got time to work on that though.
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^doing the figure skating pose seems gratuitous here but maybe it's relevant? :hahano:

Anyway, her legs aren't the thinnest but I really admire the level of fitness she's able to maintain with a relatively skinny frame

Wow! Her bridge is so delicate. I love how every stretch flows to the next.
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Elle France May 2017







I love her- I think she's so adorable. I'm pretty sure she also just signed with The Society for NYFW.
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Holy crap, I am obsessed with her-mostly because it looks like she was (is?) a rhythmic gymnast before becoming a model!

She's obviously got a ton of muscle in her legs, which makes them seem bigger. But my goodness, I am fangirling so hard right now :D

Wow! Her bridge is so delicate. I love how every stretch flows to the next.

This is so beautiful, oh my gosh. She's got that crazy back flexibility that rhythmic gymnasts are particularly known for, and her toes!!! :luv: I would have killed for those when I was still doing the sport; her arches look just as good as any ballerina's.

I. Am. Dying. That first video was actual perfection. The toss (followed by the two turns and the catch in a half-handstand move) you see at the beginning would have taken years to perfect. The timing, the positioning, the force of the throw, even the way that the ball left her hand...she did it so naturally, so instinctively. In fact, I'm willing to bet that it is instinct; after people get the hang of the toss, they can usually tell where it's going to go/how far it's going to go as soon as the apparatus leaves their hand. I am in awe of the way she caught the ball, though. The strength she would have needed to hold that position, the hours of practice she would have gone through to perfect the move, and not even mentioning the back flexibility needed for that...just wow. I'm going to stop now, because this is getting less and less articulate :D

(Sidenote: her upper body is to die for, even if her legs aren't the thinnest!)

I just want to add that I absolutely love seeing ballerinas/rhythmic gymnasts/dancers becoming signed models. The strength and flexibility that they're coming in with opens up a ton of new possibilities for photoshoots! It's always cool seeing a girl posing in a kickass dress, but it's even cooler (at least in my opinion!) when she's doing a penche balance at the same time (as Natalia is in the picture posted by @bingeonvogue) ;)

Thank you for introducing me to her!!! I love SGF-it's so easy to find gorgeous, inspirational girls on here <3
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Nataliya just posted this to her Instagram, and I thought it was too beautiful a shot not too share. She has a very classic, elegant beauty, and I love this historical-aristocratic look going on here, it really suits her.
Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 2.37.29 PM.png
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Both she and Sofia Tesmenitskaya were members of the Russian National Rythic Gymnastics team and Natalia achieved Master Sport International (basically a Russian National champ) which is no small feat.

I adore rhythmic gymnasts. Long lean lines combined with strength, control, and total body awareness lends itself perfectly to modeling. Her posing is always so graceful and elegant... I mean could you imagine what Kendall, Bella, or just about any other model, would look like attempting this?
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I met her several times in Paris. She’s effortlessly cool and has a great sense of humour.

Some photos from her old sporting days.


If you understand Russian, you will like this interview.

Her face gives me the doll era vibes



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Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 10.15.13.png

Q: " What are you doing during quarantine?"
A: "Eating yummy foods, watching films, exercising very rarely..."

Hope this is all for show😐
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Q: " What are you doing during quarantine?"
A: "Eating yummy foods, watching films, exercising very rarely..."

Hope this is all for show😐

I'm sure, she's just joking.

''Do you want me to make a video of my workout?

''Your tips how not to gain tons of weight during the quarantine. Is it possible with out doing workouts?
-Haha, now I'm gaining weight and I don't care:) Well, honestly I don't gain much weight (she means, she's naturally skinny).
I also noticed that when I work out a lot, I gain more. So, now I do a quick workout to have a toned body.

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