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You know, maybe you are being too rough. You have to get that 70% of men like average to chubby women, around 20% is gay, and rest 10% like skinnies.
I will probably get attacked for this, but one thing is that we prefer being skinny and think it's beautiful, but men usually like ass, boobs and legs. Kate upton is there for her tits, she's disguisting generally.
Mila wasn't sexy to most men at her BS weight, i don't get why girls have need to tell men what they like and what they don't??
Geez, they have their own brain and they like what they like, if you think it's disguisting, ok, but that doesn't mean you have to call them 'weird' or 'stupid' because they like fuller women. :wtf:
Revolting to you, yes, but judging people just because you like something else and have diffrent views, is just plain arrogant and stupid.
Realize that sexy standards are completly diffrent from our opinions. But those women might be chubby, but aren't average.
And I don't many men would find Vlada sexy, beautiful maybe, but sexy no.
Not all men like average/chubby, but most of them do. And it's unfair to call them revolting for that.
And finally, GET the diffrence between BEAUTIFUL and SEXY.

Now you can open fire on me, but I stand behind my opinion. Just to mentione, I am supporting men at this point. I like skinnies, i find it very ellegant and classic and I want to be skinny (ugh no way I would have body like Jen or Rihanna :superpuke:) but everyone has it's opinion and you should stop judging people for their opinions.


We can sit here all day insulting these women or just accept the fact that the vast majority of men do actually prefer this body type.

My other half thinks it's to do with men looking for a mate who has a healthy, childbearing body that could cope in times of famine and therefore survive longer. As you can imagine most men won't see this if they look at some of the model beauties in this forum but will absolutely see it in JL and the like. Just my two cents :)


Personally, I don't find jennifer lawrence's weight desirable. I wouldn't want to have her body any day, but even with that said, I still think she's a gorgeous girl. I can totally see why dudes dig her, even though she isn't skinny.

Exactly my opinion. While I wouldn't want to have her weight for myself, if she feels good with it, she's lucky. That is no excuse for skinny-bashing though.

Still I think it fits her and she carries the extra weight quite well. I understand why men (or women) can find her attractive.


You've got the point, many girls don't carry extra weight good e.g. i get it around my muffin top and it looks horrible. But those women who do, they are obiously more atractive to them you know what i mean, tight but with some 'meat' (is it said like that?) on bones. :meh: I don't see mommy arms they have sexy or attractive or fat on their knees but I am saying again - ass and boobs, nothing else matters to most of them. :rolleyes:
I mean there are so many women more attractive than those! You can be curvy like Nina Dobrev but with muscle tone and nice looks, I think she is waaaaay sexier than Kate Upton, Rihanna, Mila etc.

How can THIS


Be hotter than THIS!



'tis simply untrue – just look at the images below, and you'll spy an actress of unparalleled range and talent:







Yeast Infection






This was the best laugh I've had in weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ms. Lawrence is just a lazy fatass. Honestly. She openly says that she refuses to lose weight for movie roles. She wants to have it all and do no work for it, and that's not a good role model. If you work at a big company, you're not going to come into work in pjs just because you don't want to deal with getting dressed in the morning are you?
Go suck Josh Hutcherson's dick, J Law. :superpuke:
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Some more recent pics of Jessica Pare. Definitely keeping up the "average" trend.


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