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Feb 1, 2015
This video I happened to watch earlier today felt relevant to this vibe :lol:
:lol: I'm not opposed to any of the individual models having to read a book for a photoshoot/getting photographed reading/posting books etc. (and indeed many of them may 'enjoy reading') but it's just that personally the entire concept of this thread (very frankly) always felt somewhat bizarre to me.

It's kind of difficult to describe a type of feeling I have (which is why I didn't elaborate earlier today on my phone), and tbqh this might be more of a personal pet peeve because of my occupation but, it's like e.g. how I often know on the first few dates that it won't work out with a certain type of guy who is like "oh, you do a lot of reading!" and treats "reading" in and of itself as some sort of virtue... I feel like this doesn't exactly express what I want to say but it kind of feels like a weird, indiscriminate fetishizing of some perception of "intellectuality" which doesn't even seem to correspond to anything?

Personally I don't read because it's "so good šŸ˜" in and of itself, I read things that interest me which shape my worldview and widen my perceptions and thought in ways that I find interesting for varieties of my own reasons, and I don't think "reading" as an indiscriminate activity in and of itself is any more a "smart šŸ˜" activity than many others can be. I mean I, for one, believe I have much more in common with people who do not really read books than with people who re-read Malcolm Gladwell so it feels somewhat bizzare to me to just elevate the generic activity of "book reading šŸ˜"... but also this is a confusion I have with society in general and not limited to this thread, and tbqh I typically don't expound on it and only enact it in process of romantic or platonic relationship selection.
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