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Michelle Keegan


Feb 8, 2012
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I was about to be all ‘it’s okay you’re a rookie but here’s not what to do’ but then I saw you’ve been around since 2012, which, coincidentally, is the last time this thread was updated.

Since returning yesterday, you’ve added a fairly redundant but acceptable comment to the RHW thread. stated the obvious on the Nina Dobrev thread, created a completely unnecessary Michelle Keegan thread and committed the ultimate act of necrophilia in bumping this thread for absolutely no reason. It’s great to see old members coming back, but I do think times have changed and the forum has become stricter with the creation/resurrection of threads regarding painfully average women— in short, don’t do it.
Apologies, I’ve been out of action for a while.... Comments noted :headbang::badgirl:
Please see above... I am in the cupboard of shame at the moment :seeya: