Melanie Gaydos


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Sep 11, 2018
The term "model" mainly makes us think of tall, slender, beautiful and perfect women: just think of the supermodels of the 90s, icons of style and beauty with stellar compensations.
A closed sector, with precise rules and requirements based on weight, height, measures.

In recent years, however, these rigid standards have changed a lot, bringing the beauty of diversity to the fore.

This is witnessed by Melanie Gaydos, 28-year-old American model, suffering from a rare genetic disorder: ectodermal dysplasia. This pathology causes the lack of development of teeth, nails, cartilage and bones, also causing, as in the case of Melanie, a partial blindness and alopecia.

She entered the world of fashion in a completely casual way: while studying art at the Pratt Institute in New York she was noticed by a photographer and invited to pose for a service.
Since then she has established herself on the catwalks, working with Tim Walker, Eugenio Recuenco, in the Rammstein video of Mein Herz Brennt as Sandman and recently also as a highly appreciated actress.

Above all Melanie talks about herself through a life story made of difficulties but also of great tenacity, sending a revolutionary message:

"Accepting who we are allows us to change the social rules of today. So take the time to really understand who you are, what you like and what you don't like. There is no need to be who you are not, to be where you don't want to be or to do what you don't want to do. Don't be afraid to embrace change. unknown often holds us back, but there are so many things out there waiting for us. We can't miss them."

I personally highly dislike the politically correctness movement and therefore that was not the reason I posted this thread, I genuinely think she looks beautiful and elegant and I’m happy she’s bringing her class into the model world! :flower:



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Jun 18, 2019
To be honest, "beautiful" wouldn't be the first word jumping into my mind when thinking about this girl but there is definitely something special about her. Being called "beautiful" doesn't mean much anyway. It's cheesy but beauty fades - she is way more than that! She's fascinating and captivating, I like that. One of a kind.

Body-wise - far from perfect but I understand that when suffering from disorders or diseases it is important to put your health first. She is too interesting to focus on her body, though. I bet all the photographers want to shoot her face as closely as possible. Look at the photo with a kitten. Siiick.

Yes, I enjoy looking at her.
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art hoe

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Mar 17, 2016
I am so excited you made this thread. I’ve been meaning to for months but couldn’t decide if it was the right move or not.

I love Melanie. Her drive, her extensive body of work, and her unique look come together to make a fascinating and very artistic (but alternative) package. At times, on her instagram, she can post corny style photos that can look almost like low-level sex work ads. They are pretty standard insta-thot photos but the production quality is low so they sort of miss the mark (not my favorite mark regardless, however). I believe she also has the comments turned off on all her photos. I assume, but don’t know, that this is because of abuse on the topic of her condition/appearance.

But her editorial work is always beyond striking.
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