Maria Fowler - Thigh gap gang?



I really dislike the TOWIE lot, of past and present. So hungry for fame, no matter how they obtain it - it wouldn't surprise me if Maria Fowler said this to e controversial :rolleyes:
Maybe it's because I've always had a 'thigh gap' but I don't understand why it's considered abnormal or unhealthy to have room for your thighs not to touch when you move. Even elephants have gaps between their thighs ;)
Saying that I doubt her thighs would look the same if she was standing barefoot with her feet touching.
Oh wow, "an eating disorder specialist" said thigh gaps are 'mostly' unhealthy :rolleyes: That's a legitimate diagnosis if ever I saw one. I had better go tell my doctor he's wrong because an eating disorder specialist said so; he'll have to inform all of his other thigh-gappy patients too!

... How does one become an eating disorder specialist so as to make such sweeping diagnoses? :hmm:
"We're glad that the former TOWIE star is pleased with her figure, and has been working out hard to show her half-naked body off to the world, but bragging about having a gap between your thighs to your thousands of impressionable followers is a bit much."

Why does no one seem to realize that maybe it is better for "improssionable followers" to see someone accepting their thin body, and not denying that their fat, rather than see a celebrity that "loves her curves," because she is in denial because she has failed so many times at losing weight, and in fact, deep down, knows it.

"And it seems that a lot of them agree with us. One of her followers replied saying: "Great way to promote eating if you haven't got a gap and is a beautiful curvy women are you fat??""

Thighs squishing togethere isn't "beautiful." Please get out of denial, you people are so hard to listen to.:rolleyes:

Another said: "That's disgusting. Why would anybody want a thigh gap?"

What is disgusting about a thigh gap? What is more disgusting is in the summer seeing people like you with their cellulite and fat deposits shaking and hitting one another every time you take a step.

An eating disorder specialist from B-eat then chipped in, saying that 'hardly anyone' has a thigh-gap without being unhealthy."

Why the fuck does an "eating disorder specialist" always have to chip in and give her always inaccurate and ridiculous 2¢? No one cares what you have to say, so stfu and go away.
Pictures like this lessen the effort people have to put in to look skinny without invasive surgery. Which, unless it is done for medical reasons, is kinda cheating.

The ED "expert" should know better. I had a thigh gap at a bmi of 19 and that is in no way an unhealthy weight.
Thigh gaps depend on bone structure. When will people start to understand?
Obviously, at BMI 12 it would be pretty much impossible not to have one, but depending on how narrow/wide your hips are (and how muscular your thighs), you can have a thigh gap at BMI 22 or 16.

Posts like that enrage me so much. My sister at 5'8 and 130lbs has a thigh gap. That's a BMI of 20.