Margaux Lonnberg


Jan 19, 2012
I wonder have anyone on this forum heard of her? What do you think about her body and what she does? As far as I know she is french and kind of "model", but I guess she is not tall enough for high fashion. She has a blogspot and youtube channel.
Although I find her beautifully skinny,:bow: she seems too self obsesed and attention wanting.. Maybe I am wrong. Thought it would be interesting for you to check her out.
Wow, now that's some serious thinspiration! Thanks for introducing us to her x
I love her! But you can't really say that she's a model ( she has never done runway), she's more a french fashion celebrity. She's 1m68 ( 5'6 ), she has a blog ( , and she was working for a french fashion brand (the kooples) with her boyyfriend, but they have decided to fire her, because she looked "anorexic" to their taste... It has been a big scandal... Actually, she has said that she used to have ED but that she's fine now.

She's doing her own brand! I'm sure she'll manage this well! :luv:









I don't find her healthy looking, especially her face. I am severely allergic to cigarettes so that was a turn off too. :(
Her back is really perfect in the first video. The way her ribs shine trough, and her shoulder blades stick out a little. Perfect thinspiration. And her face is pretty as well. Although in some of the pics she does look a bit unhealthy.
@Hypatia agree on what you said about cigarettes. Although I used to smoke a lot, and still have a cigarette now and then, i think she poses with them way too much.
But kind of I envy her fragile look. Her arms...
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I think she looks amazing in some shots, but like beef jerky in others. Regardless, her figure is incredible.
That's not what i aspire to look like. Her face looks so old.

I've been wanting to know who was in this picture for such a long time!

But for the other pictures.. she looks very aged.. I found one source saying she's 25 but she looks ALOT older.. kind of looks like she has been sitting on in the sun all her life + smoking 2 packs daily :nopity: