Lea Michele

Photos a couple of days old



I wonder what she'd look like standing next to someone of average size? I get the feeling these pictures show how tiny she is (and I don't necessarily mean just weight, I mean height/size).
She could seriously use some help picking out a bikini that would better flatter her body type...

Those bottoms are cute, but dangerously low in some pictures. It looks yucky and awkward, especially with all the un-toned flabby business happening around her waist area.

Something with a bit of a higher waist and more coverage would suit her much better. Perhaps a bandeau on top.
I think the skinniest Glee girl is Heather Morris:

Lea and Dianna don't look that skinny actually...
I don't like her. She has that default chunky look.
I am not surprised that she'd pull the ugliest hairdo I've ever seen. Wtf was she thinking?!!

As much as I hate moving pictures, but this girl expresses what I mean:

Ugly, ugly, ugly and super annoying! Sorry, I just can't stand her.
If Dianna lost some weight, she would be so lovely. She has such a nice face.
Lea is terribly average.
I am glad I am not the only one who noticed Dianna's gain, but she is still a sweetheart.
Personally, I love Naya Rivera's legs. Gotta do the cheerios uniform justice.;)