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I got this dress at a sale, it was 150€ before and I got it for 15€!

Dress (sorry, the picture is a bit big)

It does make me look a little thick at the waist, do Ill have to do something about that and I have to see what to do about shoes, because if I wear heels with it, it'll be a little short.


I want some bargain buys! Unfortunately I don't know where to go and even begin, anyone know anywhere in London or some online store where I can get some good pieces at discounted prices. Please share if you do know any.

Not really in London... but the TK Maxx @ Thurrock Lakeside is REALLY good. Worth a trip I reckon.


I recently bought the most gorgeous, understated LBD from asos UK. Got it in the sale too so it only cost me £15! eBay is excellent for designer pieces, especially if you don't mind them being used and know how to spot fakes. I'm still looking for a genuine white leather Moschino belt :( Anyone know where I can find one? Also, this is totally off-topic but where the hell do you guys buy fitted clothes small enough? I keep finding that everything I buy online is way bigger than the measurements given on the size guide and in shops the smallest size, which used to fit me a couple of years ago when I was actually an inch smaller on my waist and hips, is now too big! Where can I get good staple wardrobe items(white t-shirts and vests, skinny jeans etc) that will actually fit like they're supposed to? Any shops that stick to their size guide/stock clothes with waists/busts less than 25/32 inches respectively?


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May 8, 2012
Uh, LA, I guess?

Just picked up this sexy DVF on sale. I make Wixson look like crap with my xylophone.
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