Kendall Jenner

And the funny/sad part is that there's always someone commenting "Body goalz" on these types of pictures
To be fair, most of the comments are coming from people who have at least 20kgs on Kendall. I wish more fatties looked to her as “body goalz” instead of labeling her as “too skinny”.
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Amazing how they used a lens to make her legs appear slimmer & longer than they really are, loving the kangaroo feet Kenny:mclap:

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She’s shaped so odd… I can really imagine how average she looks in person Lol. I mean, what even is that posture?

Guess she’s quite busy these days downing her problematic 818 + indulging in grease while parading her token NBA player around.

Her earlier at Michael Rubin’s 4th of July party::run:



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I’ve been watching this reel every day as a great source of reverse (th)inspiration. Watching both of them stomp on camera is enough to suppress my appetite and reminds me to correct my posture :seeya:
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This editorial was for Pop Magazine #47 F/W 2022.23.


I saw this (I wish I wasn't) as a post from a fashion site I follow on IG and immediately thought... what is this mockery?! Why so tacky? Why THIS chair and the fake scorpion tattoo on her ass?

The only thing that doesn't bother me is the pose, but I'd rather reserve that for someone who ACTUALLY has a model's body.

As for this second shot... oh, god.


She's disgusting but I almost burst out laughing when I saw this :lol:

If this is the best possible photo selection (of all the shots they took), I can only imagine how bad the others that were not selected are.
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Reverse thinspo for the day. Her busted filler car wreck of a face, the overrated new Bottega and the fat thighs with high heels to mask it; someone tell her (stylist) she’s not Edie Sedgwick either in body or in cool factor.
I adore a pant less look in any fashion but if your body looks like that, do not try it for the sake of my already impaired vision.

However, I am looking forward to chubby mediocre influencers making fools of themselves attempting this though, so thank you sis! 😘
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Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the reverse thinspo thread... This photo was in Kendall's runway portfolio on The Society's website... someone there must really hate her.

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The dead-eyed-wonder returns for Miu Miu SS23


Though it seems the internet has already taken to tearing her a new one- mostly for her expression (or lack there of)- I can’t help noticing she’s wider than I remember, but I seem to think that every time I see her, so who’s to say.

All the same, I got a good laugh out of seeing this spammed in the twitter replies of the campaign. Oh, internet, never change.
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New photos of Kendall from Vogue Italia… at this point I think they want her to be this bad because I don’t comprehend how can she be this dead after so many opportunities and experience… I leave you to it


I mean this is a little better but still.. no emotions

I think she’s improved a little bit with her body but I can’t tell because not much of it is shown in photos, wondering why:speechless:
And also I don’t like her arms at ALL


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I think she’s improved a little bit with her body but I can’t tell because not much of it is shown in photos, wondering why:speechless:
And also I don’t like her arms at ALL
Really? :slinkout: To me she looks as tragic and. cheap as ever. Her arms aren’t event the worst part lol
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