Kendall Jenner


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Jan 23, 2012
I wasn't sure if I should have put her in celebrities or models, either way, I'm talking about the dreadful Kardashians' half sister, Kendall Jenner. They have the same mom. She's super tall (something like 183cm), and quite skinny. I think her body looks great, nothing to do with her fat real Kardashian sisters. What do you guys think, do the half Jenner genes help? :p




What a pair of legs!

Here are some comparisons with her family.

Next to Kyile Jenner, the other half sister who's shorter (around 5"8 and chubbier)


The Jenner genes made her tall, thin and pleasant. The Kardashian genes gave her a bit of a unique look. I think she's really cute. For sure the best looking of the clan.
I am not in love with her thighs in that top picture. She's quite pretty, though. If she slimmed down a bit, her features would be much more striking.
Props to her for being the skinny in the biggerish family...
Ah God I don't want to say it just because this family irritates me soo much but she's gorgeous! Very lanky and naturally pretty. I'm kinda pissed about liking her..... :/
Plus she's way better looking than all her sisters, even other half-Kardashian Kylie, who's younger than her - still carrying some baby fat
The fat Kardashians would have a hope in he11 if they stopped eating so much wheat and dairy. They could try to work what little skinny genes they have if someone could just explain it to them. Oh wait, that will never happen.
She doesn't annoy me, and she's got a pretty good body. Could tone up a little, perhaps...

I like her navel!
She is tall, but her hips and shoulders are narrow- such a nice frame imo, even tho I like when bones stick out a bit more.
^I really like her frame too
The Jenner genes really seem to make the difference.
She's cute and has a nice body. But I don't think she's the world's next biggest supermodel or anything.
I think she's the prettiest and skinniest of the Kardashian Klan (oh great, I started adding K's to everything that starts with C too. Slap me, please)
It annoys me to admit it too, but she's gorgeous. So naturally slim and pretty! She'll go far for sure.