Juicy Couture


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May 11, 2012
Tacky as hell. I'd prefer people to be able to tell what designer brand I'm wearing by the styling of the clothes instead of having to advertise their name across my butt.


I'm with the consensus I like the colorful ads and the perfume but wouldn't wear the clothes. DON'T get me started on the handbags, they are honestly an abomination to me. When in highschool I used to think the charms were cute until my mom turned me on to the Tiffany's charm bracelets. :p

But I actually owned a terry Juicy zipup back in 2002 (my freshman yr of HS), I found it while cleaning basement about a year ago, and until I rechecked the label had NO IDEA it was Juicy. I had bought it in the Nordstrom Savvy dept. before the whole track suit craze and before Juicy got bumped from Savvy to down to t.b.d. LOL


When in highschool I used to think the charms were cute until my mom turned me on to the Tiffany's charm bracelets. :p
This! I used to want a Juicy charm bracelet too until my mom bought me a Tiffany & Co. one...
Big difference! :)


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Jan 27, 2012
I don't like any of the stuff. If I was a 10 year old kid I might buy some Juicy stuff although I'd never buy the bottoms with Juicy across the butt.

There are tons of 10-16 year olds near where I live that wear Juicy stuff and it just seems like the brand is aimed towards tweens. Same with the Tiffany charm stuff. Tons of girls around my area have Tiffany bracelet with the heart or round tag necklace and bracelets. They're all in head to toe brand and some sort of designer bag (Chanel, Gucci or Louis Vuitton).

The campaigns are cute but the recent one with Karlie does suggest it's trying to attract junior high school girls.


Feb 26, 2013
I have to admit I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Juicy Couture. I absolutely love some of the charms, I also own some of them. But there's only one I wear regularly - the other ones are to tacky to wear day to day, but they have some kind of meaning to me and are quite cute in the details and quality.
I also have dresses from Juicy which I quite love (one below) - and one hoodie for chill days at home (!). But I'd never buy myself one of those trousers or bags or purses where you can read the logo all over. This is the kind of 'fashion' I absolutely hate.
And I quite like the fragrances - but they are smelling too sweet for me, I prefer more 'cooler' ones.
All in all I think it's also this girly-ish image Juicy has what I like - I once went to the Juicy store in mid-London and it loved it :) and their ads are adorable, especially those shot by Tim Walker (I love Jonathan Kroppman, image below)



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Jan 23, 2012
I find most of the clothing tacky, and I hate it when the brand is so 'in your face'. Less is more.


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May 27, 2012
East Coast
It looks like wanna-be-haute-couture to me. I always get a tacky and cheap vibe from it. I'm sure there are some nice pieces, but the majority of them are just not my style. And the velour sweats and purses are just horrible.


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Jun 20, 2012
When I see someone in the velour pants or holding a velour "handbag", I assume they live in a trailor park.

I had a frenemy in high school who loved juicy on her butt and the occasional Ed Hardy shirt. She was a really wealthy girl, but yeah, money really can't buy taste.


I love Juicy Couture. :p But I also love many HF brands even if the two seem mutually exclusive. But I also think that the way many people wear JC is extremely tacky. It's painful to see fat girls stuffing their bodies into JC tracksuits and thinking they look great. :wtf:


Feb 10, 2013
Chicago, IL
Love/hate relationship with it. Between the ages of 10-13 I was obsessed with juicy. I had a few purses and a charm bracelet as well a tracksuit (which my mom never let me out of the house in- thank god). Now I still have the bracelet and one track jacket (its so comfy haha) but I never really wear either. I do have one pair of stud earrings I like though. The ads are cute and their stores are decorated adorably. I do like some of their clothes too but I have found in my experience the quality is pretty poor. It's a low end luxury but if you realize that and aren't trying to pass off as you have some couture bag I think its fine.


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Jan 27, 2012
Juicy Masstige

Different strokes for different folks... but if you’re not in middle school and you think those Juicy velour track pants are ‘couture’, then you might want to consider the fact that your five figure salary is more or less the price of a real haute couture shirt. A shirt which not even a spoilt millionaire Kardashian could randomly buy.