Instagram Versus Reality


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Feb 18, 2016
New York, New York
I nearly lost it when I saw the pic with him and Kaia on the Alberta Ferretti IG:

I used to think he was gorgeous, but now he's giving me major Rodrigo Alves vibes...I think he's definitely gained some weight, his face just looks puffy now

I see him all the time, he goes to my infrared sauna. I didn't even recognize him at first even though I was well familiar with his work and thought he was super sexy from instagram.


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Aug 18, 2021
Sorry about the old bump, but I really like threads like this and would love to see more photos here! Here's my submission, although not the greatest, I know.

I'm not sure how these TikTok girls get famous, but I hope they know that FaceTune doesn't exist in real life, and your crappy makeup might cut it in front of your ring light and iPhone camera, but in front of a real camera, your lack of talent shows!
Aug 17, 2021
why is "slim-thick" or curvy / hourglass the goal for most younger people to look like at the minute? Ive never and will never understand the desire to look like that. In real life, when the instagram models (the ones promoting this trend) can't face tune shitty tabloid photos of themselves to make their waist suddenly appear out of mid air like they do in instagram posts what do they do? Im guessing all they can do is regret having that takeaway the night before.