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Sep 15, 2017
Alyson Dubey
Stats: 5’7 | 33.5-24-34

She’s signed with Storm, but I don't think she has much association with them and mainly posts on Instagram. She’s also Indian, so she's kind of an inspo :luv: Her face is lovely and I love her legs! Her body isn't really the standard and she's a bit chubby still, but she’s young so she might grow and lose some more weight. I hope she starts getting serious with her modeling career. Do you guys think she has potential?

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She isnt terrible. I wouldnt call her chubby but she def isnt quite SG skinny. I think she has potential. She is a little more on the commercially beautiful side so im not sure if losing would advance her career in HF, but maybe! I think she looks pretty decent for a commercial model. Her instagram presence isnt really drawing me in though.. youre a runt though, so im gonna give you a like because im happy your first post in the instagram models thread isnt legitimately terrible 😉
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