Go fug yourself

Discussion in 'Online' started by SecretMelody17, May 21, 2012.

  1. SecretMelody17

    SecretMelody17 Rising Star

    Feb 6, 2012
    I absolutely adore this site. It's full of fashion takedowns, and is so well (read:hilariously) written that I don't recommend going to it while drinking (you WILL spit water all over your keyboard from laughing).
    I also don't recommend going to it without a lot of time to waste. It's pretty addictive. ;)

  2. nzgirl

    nzgirl Guest

    Although I found the humour a tad juvenile, I did spend 30 minutes of my valuable life snickering at unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions. As an added, an may I say unexpected, bonus the author of the site is an English Lit. fanatic and does infuse many of the critiques with random and entertaining literary references. I give it one thumb up, and will certainly keep it on my list of entertaining on-line time wasters!

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