GNTM and "Das Perfekte Model"

this season, two girls were said to be 'too thin' :rolleyes: so they were thrown out at the very beginning (at the castings)


I thought their faces looked a bit haggard.

Last season I was amazed that Heidi looked a lot better than most of the girls, a lot skinnier and more toned.

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I know this thread is old and all, but I just started watching the new season and they got a new production team and it seems like this time it's more focusing on HF and not so much on bitching and girl wanting to be on TV. Some of the girls are really stunning, Jolina (Fuss) is my favourite. Her body could be better, but she has such a cute babydoll face and sometimes even reminds me of Vlada. It's such a shame that she's on the show since it'll probably ruin her career :hmm:
Anyone watching this season?
What are your thoughts, feelings, opinions?

i do :)!
and i love Ivana. Finally a girl with real model stats and attitude. Jolina is nice too. i knew they were going to make it to the final. the rest is "girls next door" ;) .

what do you think?
Steffi is actually my favorite. Though I wouldn't mind if Jolina won, either. She seems like the complete package. I just think Steffi is gorgeous and has a certain charm that the others lack.
I'm not a fan of Ivana's attitude. I think she photographs well, but her brow looks really heavy off-camera, made worse by her constant pouting and frowning... ::shrug::