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I'm surprised nobody has started a thread about this yet! *cough* @71000 *cough*
Today is already the fifth day of NYFW so...
Let's get ready to discuss the clothes, the models and the designers themselves ;)

Which shows are you mos excited to see the most for NY btw? To me it's ODLR (everyone is tbh), Theyskens' Theory, Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera. ;)
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@Babydoll THANK YOU for starting this thread!
In terms of NYFW:

-OLDR for sure, especially because of the return on John Galliano

-Marc Jacobs- I've always been partial to him (even though it's not what it once was) and since his show has been postponed until the end of the week I want to see what the hype is about

-Alexander Wang: He's always one I like to see and I have to say I am liking the medieval feel to this (but that's because i've been in this War of the Roses historical thing for the past few weeks):

-Jill Stuart: I wanted badly to love it...but I just didn't. I mean...it was good, but I just wasn't wowed.

Agree with style.com when they pointed out this looks like Marc Jacobs Spring Collection.

Also looking forward to Derek Lam, Victoria Beckham (she's been getting better at this...), Carolina Herrrera, and DVF.

Thing is, for me NYFW just doesn't appeal to me as London, Milan and Paris. THOSE have the shows I go mad for.
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I loved Jason Wu. Very elegant, classy and ladylike and it doesn't get boring because it's very modern too. I liked the use of collars and fur especially. The short dresses are beautiful too (hahaha my first thought was that the models must have been freezing my gosh, New York is like at around 4 degrees celcius, maybe even less).

The cast was amazing too (excluding Daphne although I admit I've missed her, Julia Nobis, Wixson and Cara). Many of the girls we love were there: Sigrid, Liu, Sui He, Hanne Gaby, Hilary Rhoda, Ginta, Shanina Shaik, Aymeline, Bette... And get this: Stammy and Chanel Iman walked the show. The bitches are back.

Looks I liked:




Nicole Miller bored me. I like when designers send models on simple clothes in dark colors, but to do that without making people fall asleep the clothes must be interesting at least. Tbh the only interesting thing was the decent cast (mostly for Xiao, Codie and Yumi), this model's hair and this:


And probably only because the nipple is distracting. :nopity:
I haven't had the chance to look at the pictures yet but I'm looking forward to Oscar, Vera Wang, Victoria Beckham, Carolina H, Derek Lam and Jill Stuart FOR New York.

Far more to get excited for in Paris and Milan but too busy right now, so might catch up with the fashion/model news in a few weeks.
@Babydoll Totally slipped my mind :highfive: Starting the thread I mean, not fashion week :lol:

Anyway, I haven't been very impressed with NYFW so far. Jason Wu was nice, but lacked creativity. It was pretty, nothing more. I was expecting so much from him after his amazing collection last season, but he disappointed me. I'm sure it'll sell amazingly though, since it was really wearable and there's so much hype around him ever since the inauguration.

Alexander Wang was as edgy as usual, but there was more of a mature look this time. Not a fan though. The clothes made the models look boxy and the fur gloves were absolutely hideous, not to mention impractical. They looked like fur boxing gloves.


I'm excited for ODLR, only because of the John Galliano collab. Their aesthetics are very different, so I can't wait to see the outcome. I'm was hoping that Karlie would open/close the show since she was Galliano's muse and Oscar's favorite model, but since the show is in a few hours and she's at the Grammys rn, I doubt it's going to happen :(

Looking forward to Marc Jacobs. His show has been rescheduled to Thursday though :( I hate his collections, but Montana Cox hasn't shown up anywhere and I'm hoping against all odds that she's a MJ exclusive #wishfulthinking I just find it hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as her would have a hard time booking shows in NY despite having a good body and a blank canvas look. Since she's not an Alexander Wang exclusive, the only other exclusives she could have in NY are for Proenza Schouler or Calvin Klein. I'll be anticipating those shows too :p Also anticipating Michael Kors because he usually has one of the best casts in NY.

The only shows I'm looking forward to in London are Burberry, Christopher Kane, Giles, and Tom Ford. Shows I'm looking forward to in Milan are Versace (to see how trashy it'll be), Jil Sander, Roberto Cavalli (to see how trashy it'll be), Dolce&Gabbana (to see if they continue the Sicilian theme), and DSquared2 (to see how trashy it'll be).

Paris is where the real shows are ;) Looking forward to Mugler, Balenciaga (to see how Alexander Wang does), Ann Demuelemeester, Balmain, Lanvin, Dior (to see how lackluster of a collection Simons produces), Maison Martin Margiela (to see the mockery they've made of MMM), Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackermann, Viktor&Rolf (to cackle at how ridiculously they're trying to be "avant garde"), Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano (to see if Bill Gaytten will stay true to Galliano's aesthetic), Givenchy, Giambattista Valli, Saint Laurent (to see if Hedi will continue with the punk rocker look), Chanel, Elie Saab, and Louis Vuitton (don't usually like the clothes, but I love what a production Marc Jacobs makes of the runway shows).

I'm hoping Nastya Kusakina has a stellar runway season because she's my favorite S/S 2013 newbie. She's done decently so far (Y-3, Prabal Gurung, BCBG, Helmut Lang, Herve Leger, Kenneth Cole, etc), but I'm hoping she'll do better in Europe. Suvi Koponen hasn't shown up anywhere so far, so I'm guessing she might be a CK exclusive? Curious to see how Vanessa Axente will do since she had a Prada exclusive the past 2 seasons. My 2 other favorite newcomers (Katya Ryabinkina and Sasha Luss) are doing pretty well so far.

Disappointed that Antonia Wesseloh hasn't shown up anywhere. I don't think she's an exclusive either, maybe her time is just up. She's a poor man's Freja, but I can't help but adore her. Patricia van der Vliet is having her worst runway season of her career rn, although it's still too early to make concrete statements like that :( She's so gorgeous, I hope she at least shows up at Emporio Armani in Milan since she got the campaign last season. Hoping Montana Cox shows up somewhere in NY as an exclusive. She doesn't have a showcard for Milan. Shocked that Tamara Weijenberg-Slijikius hasn't shown up anywhere either after her Miu Miu campaign. Guessing she might be an exclusive too because I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't be able to book B/C-list shows in NY.

Looks like Joan and Karlie are being really exclusive this season. Karlie's skipped most of FW for the past 2 seasons and still has been bagging great campaigns though, so I guess it's not that shocking. She has a showcard for NY but she skipped the first few days shooting a VS commercial in Miami and now she's in LA for the Grammys (she looked stunning on the red carpet btw). I'm surprised Joan decided to go exclusive so early in her career though. She doesn't have a showcard for NY and she hasn't shown up anywhere, not even at Prabal Gurung. It might be a mistake to go exclusive so early, because Jessica Stam went exclusive too early and then faded, even though her career was way more major than Joan's.
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Victoria Beckham


Celebrities should just GTFO of fashion already. :rolleyes:
I actually loved Prabal Gurung and the military-inspired looks.


And Nastya looks hot in this :luv:

I can already picture middle-aged overweight women in Zac Posen :rolleyes:


@71000 Altzurra joined Alexander's club. :nopity: Thankfully some of the other looks were nice, not enough to save the epic fail of the mittens though.


Jill Stuart was pretty good. I liked it, especially the bow collars at the beginning but it was nothing amazing and I expected more, agreeing with @lagamine in this.


Not sure what to think of Thakoon. Not sure if I liked it or was bored with it, I mean...

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I found Jason Wu to be very dull (also sidenote, Stam looks like she has aged a million years). I liked Wang, but the proportions seemed off to me, although his colour palette calls to me (I can't get enough black and grey). Those fur gloves (which were also prominent at Altuzarra - coincidence? I think not) were atrocious. That trend needs to end before it ever starts. I liked the shoes at Wang a lot, though, and some of the outerwear (Kasia Struss was wearing my favourite). Nice trousers too.

BCBG was meh. I found the styling lacking. I really liked Cushnie et Ochs, one of my favourite collections so far. Suno was strong as well. As for Victoria Beckham, I think she is probably the best out of all the celeb designers out there. I liked the loafers at Thakoon, already coveting them. Looking forward to ODLR and Marc Jacobs. Also MK so I can see who walks his show!

As far as models go, I have seen a lot of Manon Leloup and Tilda Lindstam so far. I am really happy that Grace Mahary (LEGS!) and Cora Emmanuel are doing well, the runways could always use more colour. I liked seeing Pauline Hoarau as well (I think because I would trade bodies with her in a split second), she might have a great season ahead of her. I was watching the Lhullier livestream and saw Maud Welzen (who closed) bail at the end of the show. Biggest gasp of FW for me so far! And I want to see more Kate Bogucharskaia through Milan and Paris. She is stunning.

I can't wait for Milan and Paris!
Those fur gloves (which were also prominent at Altuzarra - coincidence? I think not) were atrocious. That trend needs to end before it ever starts.

I agree with you about the fur gloves...I could see the sleeves being a thing, but not so much the gloves.

Cara opened which well...:rolleyes: I think the pic speaks for itself....

I'm iffy on this collection to be honest (I'm not one for all over animal print) though I am coveting this jacket:

Zac Posen--Why why why:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Cynthia Rowley- I like the Gothic make up but again..mixed on how i feel about the collection as a whole. I liked this piece the best (which is saying a lot bc I usually don't do white)

DKNY- I liked it...there's a bit of this 90s NYC feel to it--like if Carrie Bradshaw went to a party hosted by Puff Daddy, and the next day hung out with Lisa Loeb. But modern.


DKNY- I liked it...there's a bit of this 90s NYC feel to it--like if Carrie Bradshaw went to a party hosted by Puff Daddy, and the next day hung out with Lisa Loeb. But modern.



This collection just makes me so itchy! The first one, the girl looks so short and I spent forever just staring at the picture trying to make my brain adjust. And then the last one, she's got a bit of a cameltoe and then her feet are flooded with fabric. I am just not liking the proportions. But then again, I have OCD and tend to get anxious about silly things :)
Victoria Beckham


Celebrities should just GTFO of fashion already. :rolleyes:

I actually really like her's. I haven't seen this season's yet but I adored her previous seasons. She surprised me, when she first went designing I was thinking oh another celebrity, here we go but I loved her collection. I don't know what GTFO means but I assume it's not very nice (I'm not very good at internet talk/abbreviations sorry :oops:).
I loved Carolina Herrera! Then again, I always love Carolina Herrera :p
I always find her collections so ladylike, and so wearable without losing feminity or elegance (unlike our friend Zac Posen there). And yes, I'm aware many of the looks are fit for boring old ladies but I guess I do kind of have boring old lady taste lol.

I admit some looks were boring though. It's not like she always does something avant-garde or anything but I liked last season better, it was more interesting.