Eugenia Mandzhieva



I opened this Threat cause @Antelope gave me the Idea( sorry I couldn't outstay :p )

Lets have a close look ;)


Agree, too bony :(



Born September 2, 1985 (age 26)[1]
Kalmykia, Russia
Height 5'11
Hair color black
Eye color brown
Measurements (US) 32-23-34 ; (EU) 81-58.5-86.5
Dress size (US) 4 ; (EU) 34




Now it's time for my opinion :)
I think she is tooooooo skinny, but I can't help myself, I'm addicted to her :bow:
She is gorgerous! Great legs, I don't care if her hips are wide, but her legs aren't from this planet :luv:
Thanx Analinne for all pics. I like her, and yes, her legs are great :)

Thank you for making a thread of this model.

I absolutely love her look. She is clearly naturally skinny and tiny framed which doesn't give her that deadly skeleton look like other models have. I love ittt!!
Absolute perfection!!! :luv:
Omg she looks super cute, especially in this pics and extremely skinny and of course gorgeous :luv: Yeah, her hips are wide, but her legs are so skinny so it doesn't matter at all :grin:

her wide hips give her what looks like the biggest thigh gap ive ever seen on a model

she also looks really delicate

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What a perfect little doll! I love her figure -- not scrawny, but VERY thin. She's lucky to have a frame that allows her to be so thin without appearing sickly.

Karma for you, you just gave me like 10 images for my thinspo folder on my laptop :luv:
Does anyone know if she's doing anything now? LEGS :ijizzed:
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