Super Star
Jun 8, 2013
New York, New York
I recently started watched 'Episodes' on Showtime with Matt LeBlanc and I think it's hysterical, so I was wondering if anyone else watches it? Joey and Chandler were always my favorite characters on Friends so that's why I started watching it and I think it's actually a pretty good show and was wondering what you guys thought if you've seen it!
Oh God I LOVED THIS. Cannot wait for next season! I was so happy to see him doing such a stellar job! Plus, I love British humour in general (in terms of the humour in my country, think Monty Python). I've seen stills from filming the new season, and I am so excited - LONDON BABY! :D
I decided to watch this because I missed seeing Joey aka Matt LeBlanc on screen. I loved Friends and he was one of my fave characters. But Episodes is really great , too, it's funny so I really like it.