E4's new programmes about fat fetishes and secret eaters


Worker Bee
Jan 23, 2012
London, UK
Thanks for sharing, not watching TV these days so I definitely need this to bring me back into the real world and for some 'lovely' reverse thinspo ;)
K, so I'm a little too scared to click on any of the YouTube links posted...but in response to the OP:

I watched Secret Eaters this week. I thought it was pretty interesting, it's quite similar to Supersize vs Superskinny (which I love) in some ways...except without the Superskinny part :hmm: Pretty amusing how people can delude themselves they're being 'healthy' when actually they're eating all kinds of crap and not even realising it.
She looks like a whale trapped in a fishing net

lol, I'd say quick call peta, but the whale is busy having orgasms thinking about getting fatter. Better leave her alone for a bit. :lol:

eeeeeewww.. That's so fucking disgusting. I feel like being sick over my breakfast coffee :cry:

And then i saw this comment on the video:

"never seen more beautiful pictures!!! Wonderful when women progress like this."

what's wrong with people????:superpuke:
what the fuck is wrong with people.
I was eating a bag of popcorn when that fat fetish show came on, I couldn't even kind of keep eating with all that fat jiggling around the place. Ugh. :superpuke:
Thought you gurls might like this for some reverse thinspo maybe? or just generally find it interesting haha
I've seen these programmes advertised but haven't been on the forums as much lately (new job is obviously going well!) so I hope I'm not repeat posting

My Big Fat Fetish
Secret Eaters

I've searched around a bit, but if anyone can find links to episodes (both or either show) that can be viewed in the US I would be very grateful!
I love the reverse thinspiration programes. Last week I watched the fat fetish and secret eaters program. The secret eaters was interesting, but the people are so stupid. "Why am I getting fat, I only eat 1200 calories a day." As if! Why do they even bother lying about what they eat, you can tell just by looking at them. The fat fetish thing, was so disgusting, whenever I see stuff like that I get this sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach. It was very insteresting though in a morbidly fascinating way.