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May 24, 2012
She's beautiful! Like some kind of Arizona/Gemma hybrid.

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height: 5'9.5" (177cm)
bust: 31" (79cm)
waist: 23" (58cm)
hips: 33" (84cm)








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Omg, she's minute, even after the camera's added the proverbial ten pounds. Her body looks miles long.

Her polas make her look like a bit of a bobblehead, but her print work is gorgeous.
Her legs go on forever!:luv:
She's definitely pretty too.
Hot stuff! I really like her and I can see so many different models features 'morphed' in her face.

Nice find. :kiss:
Wow, I like her. She looks so good! And those legs go forever :luv:
I definitely see the Arizon/Gemma comparison and her legs are ultra-long. Wow. :bow:
She's lovely :luv:
Ray of Light

Model: Cora Keegan
Photographer: Terry Tsiolis
Stylist: Lester Garcia








Personally, I don't think she is a good model and seems very boring. :(
Yes, I agree - sometimes she looks like what Arizona could be if she was pretty.
interesting article about cora, which includes her eating habits

Cora Keegan is a fresh new face on the modeling scene, having moved to New York’s East Village not too long ago from her hometown of Las Vegas. Since then she’s done some wonderful work and walked in some big-name fashion shows (Narciso Rodriguez, Jason Wu and Mulberry, to name a few). Her complexion, which is naturally lovely, got the attention of Francesco Clark, the creator and president of the skin care line Clark’s Botanicals, who recently chose Cora to be its brand ambassador. On top of her looks, Keegan has incredible charisma and curiosity. Here, she tells T about her healthy eating habits and the beauty products she’s picked to keep her skin looking radiant.

You recently moved to the East Village. Are you enjoying it so far?
Love it!

Do you have a favorite restaurant in the neighborhood?
Right now it’s Caravan of Dreams. I try to eat gluten-free and they have lots of great choices.

So are you pretty mindful of the foods you eat?
Definitely! Organic when ever possible. I also eat fresh fish and chicken every now and then.

If your weight fluctuates, is there anything you add or subtract from your diet or workouts to help maintain?
I always eat pretty well. Whole Foods market is a regular shopping destination. I try to avoid gluten, dairy and sugar as much as possible. And then I’ll go full force on the yoga! But the best thing is to be comfortable with yourself no matter what your weight.

Are you also particular about the skin care products you choose?
Yes, I prefer all-natural products when possible. My mom was a bit of a hippie, but even when I was younger I’ve always been interested in natural, organic products.

What a perfect fit then working with Clark’s Botanicals. Have you figured out the best regimen to keep your skin in photo-ready condition?
I have figured out the best thing to do is keep it as simple as possible. I used to try all kinds of things on my face and go crazy cleansing it if I had a breakout, which made it worse. Less is more. I try not to wear any makeup when I’m not working and moisturize like crazy!

What skin care products do you always use?
Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream is excellent for keeping my skin hydrated. And Clark’s Botanicals Extra Rich Lip Balm is a lifesaver.

Do you have any makeup essentials?
Tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier, lip balm and mascara. I have been loving Lancôme’s Hypnose Mascara — it builds curls and lengthens my lashes.

Are there any products you like to keep your hair in condition?
I use lots of conditioner and oils of every kind. For styling, I like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

You are exposed to so many designer collections. Who makes some of your favorite clothes?
I love Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone and Jason Wu (his clothes and him!). But to be honest I’m such a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl. I’m usually wearing my Lululemon yoga pants and a big sweater. Anything I can chill in.

What’s on your record player these days?
Pink Floyd, Ty Segall, sometimes Maria Callas. …

Can you share some thoughts about the path you’re on? And any future goals?
I love what I’ve been doing and I feel superblessed. I guess I would like to do something with film or video editing in the future. So hopefully when I have more time, I can focus on that.
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